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  • Jeff Jun Zhang

    Jeff Jun Zhang

  • Eli Berger

    Eli Berger

    Taking a step back to abstract the concrete, concretize the abstract, and interrogate the daylights out of my imagination.

  • Green Eggs and Ham

    Green Eggs and Ham

  • yushu


  • Maxim Matias

    Maxim Matias

    Venture Associate @openocean ; building a data community at @dataseries ; MSc @imperialcollege

  • ShaleProfile Analytics

    ShaleProfile Analytics

    Dedicated to developing the best Visualization & #Analytics solution for the #Shale #Oil & #Gas industry. Follow us and gain insights on Shale Production.

  • Tony Fish

    Tony Fish

    Digital NED. plurist, polymath and pioneer #sense_making #digital #strategy #humanity #data #ethics #governance #oversight

  • Josh 12 (twelve)

    Josh 12 (twelve)

    Alive and mostly well, still contradicting my self on purpose, yes I am, not entirely, unserious at times. photos mine unless otherwise noted.

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